“Our Funds — Our Future!” A Night of Discussion and Action


Tuesday, October 24, 2017 approximately 40 students from all six faculties, interested community members, and faculty braved the rain and mid-terms to gather together for a night of discussion and action at the University of Waterloo’s Grad House. The event was organized by Fossil Free UWaterloo for undergraduate and graduate students from across campus to raise awareness about climate change, the actions that can be taken to help mitigate its impact, and the role a divestment campaign can play in working toward this goal. The speakers, representing three of the University’s six faculties, spoke to the issue, highlighting the ethical, health and financial imperatives of taking action on climate change. Their own research was highlighted, while they also drew attention to the fact that what they teach in their classrooms may not be congruent with current actions being taken by the University, particularly where its investments practices are concerned.

Featured speakers:
Dr. Angela Carter, Political Science
Dr. Craig Janes, Public Health and Health Systems
Dr. Olaf Weber, Environment, Enterprise and Development

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